Expedite Office | Project Management & Office Relocation


We named our project management division ‘Deliver’ because making your new office happen is not just about management, it’s absolutely about delivering results! Once the contractors are on board it’s ‘all systems go’ to get everything completed on time and to budget. Furniture and other long-lead items are often ordered earlier and separately to overcome potential delays and to ensure the overall project timescales are met.

We liaise with local authorities for Planning and Building Regulation approvals and ensure adherence to statutory Construction Design and Management (CDM). Liaising with our clients, IT representatives, we facilitate early handover and access to comms rooms for their internet circuit provider and make sure that every key component is in place. finally, our specialist relocation team dovetails with our project managers to plan and execute the physical relocation.


“Expedite worked it all out and executed the delivery like a well-oiled-machine.”

Our Deliver division can be broken down into 5 key areas being Fit-Out Project Management, CDM & Building Control, IT & AV Integration, Telecoms Vendor Management and Relocation Planning & Execution.

Take a look below to see a more in depth description of each area!

Fit-Out Project Management

Once contractors are appointed, Expedite ensures that they do everything that’s in the design and specification on time and to the contract sum. Building a good relationship with Building Management is the key to making sure the project is delivered on time and to budget. Using standard forms of contract, we pull the works into packages assuming full contractual accountability whilst providing quality assurance and cost certainty throughout.

CDM & Building Control

We control Construction Design and Management (CDM) on every project where this is a statutory requirement. We not only ensure close adherence to the design but also to the H&S Executive’s guidelines and the landlord H&S requirements. We have a non-compromising approach to H&S and pride ourselves on an impeccable record of quality and execution.

IT & AV Integration

The integration of IT and AV into the design of the project is of ever-increasing importance to the success of fit-out projects. Ensuring that power and data connectivity and containment systems is included into the specification and onto the drawings is key. Careful thought is required to make sure that IT works practically for the users, particularly when considering cable routing and accessibility within the furniture specification.

Telecoms Vendor Management

The installation of a new internet line comes with its own set of challenges; from excessive lead times, wayleave documentation to Building Management liaison and line installation and testing. Expedite manage all of all these factors in order to ensure the delivery well in advance of the relocation.

Relocation Planning & Execution

Our relocation team follow a meticulous process to plan and execute the physical relocation. We offer a temporary facilities management and IT Help Desk to assist with the post-move work load so that your staff face minimal disruption. Our aim is to ensure that our client’s office move is as stress free as possible.