Expedite Office | London Workplace Consultants


Our London workplace consultants are a team of consultant surveyors with expertise spanning every aspect of commercial property acquisition and occupancy. As the advisory division of Expedite Office, we benefit from three decades of working on behalf of tenant occupiers from finding offices and fitting them out, to managing the ongoing facilities.

Extensive experience, both in-house and through our network of partners, gives us the capability to negotiate the best lease renewals, rates and service charge appeals, develop the most advantageous exit strategies whilst minimising and/or mitigating dilapidations liabilities.


“…they saved us over £70,000 from the landlord’s excessive dilapidations claim”

Our Consult division can be broken down into 5 key areas being Workplace Consultancy Client Brief, Premises Strategy, Renewal Negotiations and Exit & Dilapidations Consultancy

Take a look below to see a more in depth description of each area!

Workplace Consultancy

People, premises and technology are generally the highest costs in any business and so understanding how they interact is essential to the optimisation of these assets. Our Workplace Consultants help to analyse and report on the utilisation of space, technology and facilities as well as the behavioural and cultural aspects of your business.

Client Brief

In the initial meetings with you, we look to understand your current business structure and strategy for the future as well as your anticipated space requirements. We capture every detail possible, enabling us to create an Ideal Office Layout to demonstrate how much space you will need when searching for new offices or reconfiguring your current office.

Premises Strategy

In order for you to make an informed decision in relation to premises occupancy and strategy, we provide an in-depth analysis of the time, costs and business disruption implications of either staying in the current office and potentially refurbishing, or relocating to a new premises.

Renewal Negotiations

If the decision is to stay in your existing office, then Expedite can assist in negotiating the very best terms for the lease renewal. By providing evidence of current market conditions and extolling our client’s best position and options to terminate, there are a number of factors for landlord’s to take into consideration that we bring to the fore.

Exit & Dilapidations Consultancy

If the decision is to leave the existing office we will represent you in the lease determination negotiations to ensure that you do not fall foul of compressed timelines which often occur when you look to acquire new offices. Dilapidations can be a significant and under-estimated cost and can take many weeks to resolve. We provide professional advice and represent you in the negotiations with the Landlord to ensure you are not exposed to unreasonable costs for the reinstatement of the premises. In our experience we have generally been able to save between 25% and 35% of dilapidations claims for our clients.