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Whether you have your own specific ideas or you’re in need of a little inspiration, our London office design team can help. We create innovative and sustainable work spaces that are inspirational to work in. During the office selection stage, we will already have a pretty good idea of how your office layout might work. Once your layout is fixed, our talented design team transforms everything we’ve learned about your business, its people and its culture into innovative ideas and 2D/3D drawings.

We recognise that design should never be at the expense of practicality, therefore we always aim to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our knowledge of product and construction processes, as well as long term relationships with contractors, allow us to commit to construction costs prior to the detailed office design proposal being completed.


“…their design team captured our company culture perfectly”

Our Design division can be broken down into 6 key areas being Specification & Budget, Licence to Alter Production, Detailed Design, Furniture Selection & Procurement, Fit-Out Procurement and Planning Applications.

Take a look below to see a more in depth description of each area!

Specification & Budget

Once the 2D space plan is fixed, we’re able to work with you to identify the level of quality you are looking to achieve for your new office and produce a detailed budget for the fit-out works. Our designers will have worked on the ‘look and feel’ for the finishes and our technical consultants will have provided preliminary design information for mechanical and electrical services. The M&E specification and costs are generally the elements which dictate the overall scope and scale of the works and budget.

Licence to Alter Production

Once the specification has been approved it’s time to submit the proposed alterations to the landlord. It’s important to deliver these plans at the earliest juncture - our strong advice and practice is to produce the application for Licence to Alter (LtA) during the lease drafting period in order for it to be approved along with the lease documentation. This avoids undue delays to the fit-out works as the landlord is under no pressure to approve this once the lease is signed.

Detailed Design

Whilst the LtA is being processed we are able to concentrate on the intricacies of the design and bring the specific features into the specification. This will include furniture items and other elements that will complete the environment you are looking to achieve. At this stage we are able to create 3D imagery in order to provide the visualisation of the spaces we are about to create.

Furniture Selection & Procurement

Furniture is a significant factor in successful office design and with the advent of agile and flexible working, businesses are relying more on furniture solutions to provide variety in their workplace environments. Expedite has access to every furniture manufacturer and wholesaler in the market and can steer you to suppliers who can deliver product in line with your budget and timescales.

Fit-Out Procurement

With a detailed budget, specification and schedule of works we are able to go to the market to procure the fit-out with a high degree of cost-certainty and quality assurance. We generally act as the Principle Designer and Construction Manager which gives us the responsibility to employ the contractors either through a tender process or a negotiated contract with approved suppliers.

Planning Applications

Dependent upon the scope of works and type of property, we may need to apply for planning permission. This requires technical documentation and liaising with the local authorities to gain approval to undertake any works that may have an impact on the aesthetics of the building/require formal approval by law.