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Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD

Industry Museum

SIZE 8,000 sq ft

natural history museum

“Our offices are spread over 4 floors and it took some real thought and imagination to optimise the layout and use of space. Expedite worked it all out and executed the delivery like a well-oiled machine – despite a number of last minute changes that we threw at them! We really appreciated their ‘can-do’ attitude, flexibility and professionalism.”
-Zoe Palphramand, Project Manager


The Natural History Museum (NHM) is a world-class visitor attraction, as well as a leading science research centre. Having evolved over decades in this building, departments were spread across 4 floors in various wings with offices accessed through a labyrinth of corridors. Expedite were contracted by NHM to re-design the layout of their offices to ensure that all departments were located on the same floor or in the same wing.

Unique Challenge and Opportunity

There was a great deal to be done in a very short timescale of one weekend and thus detailed planning of the works was critical. Original space plans required extensive alteration and, as is often the case, what was shown on the plans was not necessarily accurate and so when Expedite came to do the work they had to accommodate and execute last minute changes, each of which requiring NHM management approval.

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